How do I book a room?
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Let the library host your next meeting or event!
The library is one of the finest venues in Topeka, boasting excellent catering from the Millennium Café, comfortable rooms and a great support staff to help you with technical and setup needs. The library also includes special amenities like the Alice C. Sabatini Art Gallery, the Chandler Booktique and the full range of library resources at your disposal.

To request a meeting room, please follow these steps:

  1. Plan ahead. You must make a meeting room request at least 3 days in advance. Events occurring outside regular library hours must be booked at least 8 weeks in advance.
  2. Reserving a meeting room requires a library card. If you have a library card, you are ready to go. If not, get a library card prior to making your reservation.

Meeting Room Guide (PDF) | How To Video

Restrictions: Sales and/or the promotion of products or services, charging admission or registration fees, and/or soliciting donations (other than in conjunction with a program or event sponsored or hosted by the library, The Library Foundation, or the Friends of the Topeka and Shawnee County Public Library) are prohibited in meeting rooms and event spaces. Those hosting meetings or events may, however, recover the actual cost of the printed materials, food and beverages distributed or served at the meeting or event through a preregistration fee collected off library premises.

Room Availability:

The library reserves first priority for use of any meeting room at all times. In rare instances, the library may pre-empt the scheduled use of a room. Room reservations may not conflict with the library’s public operations.
For Non-Profit

  1. There is no charge for Non-Profit use. Groups and organizations may reserve rooms on an “as available” basis.


  1. For-profit private businesses, individuals, groups or organizations may reserve rooms on an “as available” basis for a rental fee.
  2. Meeting Room fees will be available to be paid online at the time of the reservation using a credit/debit card.

Long Term Reservations:

  1. Groups may request consecutive meetings for 12 months; however, we can’t guarantee the same location each time.
  2. Reservations may be requested up to 12 months in advance.