How do I research magazine articles on a specific subject?
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Magazines are usually researched by using a specific database that contain magazine articles. Databases are not websites but are a collection of information created by companies who choose which magazines, books or even videos to include based on subject, dates, and by the level of scholarship of the item.

To get to the library’s databases:

  1. Go to the library’s homepage,
  2. On the library’s homepage click on Research It
  3. On the drop down menu click on All Databases

The All Databases can be sorted by the subject of the database or alphabetically. Most of the databases have magazine articles that are full text and can be read, printed, or emailed, but if an article is not full text and the library does not own it, then interlibrary loan is an option.

In the Academic Research category a general academic database is Academic Search Premier which does include some full text articles.

In the Education & School Resources Category is MAS Ultra which includes newsstand magazines most with full text.

In the General Research category there are two databases, MasterFILE Premier and General Reference Center to try and both are widely used and have magazines articles from years back to current times. They also have some articles that are full text.

Another database in the General category is Readers Guide Retrospective, which has magazines from 1890-1982. Unfortunately this database does not contain the actual article just information about the article like the date, title, subjects covered, but the library owns many older magazines. To request an older magazine that the library owns just go to library staff in the adult area and they will be happy to help you with the magazine.

If the library doesn’t own the magazine article, interlibrary loan is another option to try.

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