How do I use the 3D printer at the library?
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It's easy to use the library's 3D printer.

  1. Find a dedicated workstation in the Make-It Lab or one of the Design Station Macs to create your object. Browse and download existing designs or use the 3D modeling software installed to create your own object.
  2. Take your file to the media area and staff will assist you in preparing your file for printing. Cura, the software the library uses, requires a .GCODE file on a USB drive to print.
  3. Library staff will help you import your design into the Cura software and get your print started. Maximum allowed print time is 3 hours per job and cost $5 each.
  4. When the print is complete, Library staff will removed your print job and place it at the Customer Service Desk where you can pick it up.

Learn more about 3D printing on our website.

The 3D printer is part of the Make-It Lab in the library’s makerspace, where you can create music, videos, audio recordings, digital art and 3D objects.



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