How do I register for a program?
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2018 Views: 0

So you would like to attend that computer class, or maybe the craft program with the limited supplies, or maybe even the kids' event with limited space? Great! We're happy to have you.

To register for a program, you want to first find your particular program entry. To do this, go to, then search for the program you want to register for. This will help you find the date and time that you are interested in.

Next, go to and scroll through the list of programs that require registration until you find the name of the one you want. Once you find it, then you would click on the title of the program. It will then give you a summary, location, any costs, and blue button to the right side of the screen that says "Select a Date". Any available dates and times will show as a pull-down menu (programs that are full won't be available). Select the one you would like to register for.

The page should refresh and in the place where the "Select a Date" button was, there should now be a green "Register" button. This will take you to a checkout dialog where you can select the number of places you want to reserve. Then select the green "Checkout" button. This should take you to a small form asking for your name and email address. If you don't have an email address, please use

That's it! You're now registered for the program.